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One at a Time, Handmade with Love.

Cut N Carve by Candle Alchemy 提供精美的雕刻藝術蠟燭。 我們通過顏色的搭配丶人手的雕刻和扭曲蠟燭的外圍從而顯示蠟燭核心如萬花筒般的色彩和層次。 每個完成的作品也是一件獨一無二的藝術作品。

Cut N Carve by Candle Alchemy offers exquisite decorative art candles. Our candles are hand carved by folding and twisting the carved wax around the core revealing the kaleidoscopes of color wax. Each finished work is an unique objet d'art. 



簡介: Cut N Carve 是香港本地首間製作雕刻蠟燭為主的工作坊,累積多年教學經驗。創㸤人由註冊藥劑師和設計師組成, 透過多年來自學硏究並掌握雕刻蠟燭的過中技巧和方式,把科學和藝術元數融入雕刻 蠟燭設計當中。

2015正式成立了本地第一間 雕刻蠟燭 品牌Cut N Carve。“以心連作,用手塑造”是Cut N Carve的座右銘, 並努力通過蠟燭的故事/信息與客戶共鳴。實踐 Do what you love, love what you do的理想工作態度。

Cut N Carve的產品理念是永恆的美麗和環保。所有雕刻蠟燭都配有LED燈,避免產生二氧化碳,並有助保持蠟燭永恆的優雅。

Fascinated by the luminescent beauty of the carved candles, CANDLE ALCHEMY has mastered their candle carving skills on their own accord which they found the process from start to end much comforting and inspiring. CANDLE ALCHEMY has now transformed their hobby into a career and is the first brand ever established for decorative carved candle in Hong Kong namely Cut N Carve, putting “Do what you love, love what you do” into practice.

Cut N Carve’s product philosophies are timeless beauty and environment protection. All candles are provided with LED lights to eliminate CO2 production and help preserve the elegant beauty of the candles of everlasting time.

We live by their motto of “One at a time, handmade with Love”, and strive to resonate with our customers through the stories/messages of our candles.

Feel free to call pertaining to our candles or our candle making workshops of creativity and inspirations.

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Who says summer fun has to end_ 《歡迎查詢興趣班


Bringing our wax arts to you

Cut N Carve提供多種藝術蠟燭,每款都能發放出獨特且柔和的光線,無論用於戶外或室內,也讓氛圍顯得更加溫潤柔和,別具風格。歡迎訂購或查詢個人/團體興趣班, 感受當中其治癒及啟發創意的力量。

Cut N Carve offers wide range of decorative arts in wax, all of which cast unique & captivating shadows and warm light for use in indoor or outdoor. Feel free to order or enquire about hobby classes for individual/group and experience its therapeutic power and inspiring creativity.



Visit by appointment only


West Wing 2/F, 822 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon.


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