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今年Cut N Carve繼續一貫原創理念帶領大家製作聖誕老人蠟燭3D版!無論你計劃親手做的作品是作為一份心意禮物送給你的另一半或親友,又或是擺放在你舒適的家中作為今年的聖誕裝置,這個蠟燭班肯定令你製作出有別於一般的的聖誕蠟燭。


“3D聖誕老人蠟燭工作坊”- Cut N Carve的原創藝術蠟燭設計👍🏻之一,渴望體驗一個與別不同的聖誕節工作坊🎅🏻就千萬不要錯過喔!





  • 參與者將完成 1 x 聖誕老人蠟燭(12 - 14cm 高),燃燒時間約 15 小時
  • 費用: 每位HKD490
  • 費用包括完所需的所有包裝、材料和設備
  • 時間:約 2 小時,或直至完成作品為止



  • 付款方式: 報名後, 請於5天內繳交學費至恆生銀行: 369-475066-833 CANDLE ALCHEMY, 然後把過數紀錄發回給我們以完成報名程序
  • 如上課前2小時懸掛八號或以上強風信號 ; 或黑色暴雨警告信號已經生效,活動將改期
  • 課堂中歡迎拍攝但嚴禁錄影
  • 遲到者不設補時或補堂
  • 如同學因疫情或各種情況下缺席,Cut N Carve導師會代完成作品後通知自取
  • 所交學費款項不退回,上課5天前可更改日期



 “3D Santa Candle Making Workshop”- 

Get ready for Christmas with our magical candle making workshop. This exclusive workshop will show you how to make these enchanting 3D Santa Claus candles!

Whether you want to come up with your own unique 3D candle to enjoy in your comfortable home or as a thoughtful gift for your loved one or dear friend, this class will surely be one that gets your creativity flowing and stand out from any other candles you see in this season!


"3D Santa Candle Workshop" is Cut N Carve's original candle arts design👍🏻. If you are eager to experience one of a kind’s candle workshop🎅🏻 don’t miss it!


<<No previous candle making experience is required to enjoy this festive workshop and even kids can join the class too>>



Details of the workshop:

  • Participant will finish 1 x Santa Claus candle (12 - 14cm in height) with a burning time of about 15 hours
  • Professional fee is HKD490 per person
  • The fee includes all materials and equipment necessary to complete the finished wax arts
  • Class duration: approximately 2 hours, or until finished



  • In the event of a black rainstorm or typhoon signal No. 8 being hoisted 2 hours before class, the class will be cancelled automatically, and the class time will be rescheduled.
  • Participants are expected to be punctual and late arrivals are not allotted extra time. If being late for 1 hour or more will be regarded as no-show and no alternate class will be arranged.
  • In case of class absences due to COVID-19 or any unexpected circumstances, Cut N Carve instructor will complete your work and contact you for pick-up thereafter
  • Video recording is strictly prohibited in class.
  • Cut N Carve reserves the right to take photos during class for marketing purposes.
  • Please directly deposit your payment to our bank account with Hang Seng Bank at Account Number: 369-475-066-883 CANDLE ALCHEMY. Kindly mark your account number & send us a copy of the pay-slip after the deposit has been made in order to confirm your attendance.
  • No refund upon receipt of payment. Should you wish to change the date of your class for any reason, a minimum of 5 days is required. You will be offered an alternative workshop date, or candles to the same value.



  • 注意:


    *** 個人工作坊須於上堂至少3個工作天前付款確認預約***



    In case of typhoon signal No. 3 (or higher) or the rainstorm Red warning Signal (or higher) is hoisted at or after 11:00 a.m., the class will be cancelled automatically and will be rescheduled. 

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