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夢想過一個白色的聖誕節❄️❄️ 看看今年由 Cut N Carve 設計的白色聖誕系列☃️!



<< Cut N Carve 提供各種蠟燭容器顏色和款式,請查看我們的網站或聯繫我們了解詳情。>>


Note: Cut N Carve 聖誕花環X大豆蠟燭工作坊連續3年被Timeout HK and Tatler HK 😎時尚品味雜誌選為香港最佳聖誔工作坊👍之一


* 親手製作1 Mistletoe 花環和1個美國大豆蠟香薰蠟燭
* 花材為乾花以及多種素材自由配搭,花環大約size16X16cm
大豆蠟香董蠟燭 250gm, 燃燒時間大約50-60
* 所有蠟燭材料均從澳洲和英國進口,天然香料符合IFRA標準,不含鄰苯二甲酸酯,質素保證。
* 每堂3小時, 視乎人數和個人進度



What to expect

  • 收費每位HKD790
  • 即日可取回作品
  • 連精緻禮盒包裝



  • 付款方式: 報名後, 請於5天內繳交學費至恆生銀行: 369-475066-833 CANDLE ALCHEMY, 然後把過數紀錄發回給我們以完成報名程序
  • 如上課前2小時懸掛八號或以上強風信號 ; 或黑色暴雨警告信號已經生效,活動將改期
  • 課堂中歡迎拍攝但嚴禁錄影
  • 遲到者不設補時或補堂
  • 如同學因疫情或各種情況下缺席,Cut N Carve導師會代完成作品後通知自取。
  • 所交學費款項不退回,上課5天前可更改日期。



Dreaming of a white Christmas? Check out the white Christmas collection designed by Cut N Carve this year!


The finished waxarts display an elegant Scandinavian look that suit most home interiors, perfect for giving your home a cosy feel in even the gloomiest of winters.


<<Cut N Carve offers assorted candle vessel colors and style, please check out our website or contact us for details.>>


Note: Christmas Wreath X Soy Candle Workshop has been selected as one of the best Christmas workshops in Hong Kong by TimeoutHK and Tatler Hk magazines in 2019, 2020 and 2021.


Details of the workshop:

  • To make 1 mistletoe wreath (dimension 16cm x 16cm) and 1 US soy wax scented candle (250 gm) in candle jar
  • Candle burning time f about 50- 60 hours
  • Professional fee: HKD790 per person
  • Fees include all materials and equipment necessary to complete the finished wax arts
  • Class duration: approximately 3 hours, depending on individual’s progress
  • All candle materials are directly imported from Australia and UK, natural fragrances meet IFRA standards, no phthalates, quality assurance



1. Participants are expected to be punctual and late arrivals are not allotted extra time. If being late for 1 hour or more will be regarded as no-show and no alternate class will be arranged.

2. In case of class absences due to COVID-19 or any unexpected circumstances, Cut N Carve instructor will complete your work and contact you for pick-up thereafter

3. Video recording is strictly prohibited in class.

4. Cut N Carve reserves the right to take photos during class for marketing purposes.

5. Please directly deposit your payment to our bank account with Hang Seng Bank at Account Number: 369-475066-833 CANDLE ALCHEMY. Kindly mark your account number & send us a copy of the pay-slip after the deposit has been made in order to confirm your attendance


  • 注意:


    *** 個人工作坊須於上堂至少3個工作天前付款確認預約***



    In case of typhoon signal No. 3 (or higher) or the rainstorm Red warning Signal (or higher) is hoisted at or after 11:00 a.m., the class will be cancelled automatically and will be rescheduled. 

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